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We ride with the Sunshine Kids !

The Sunshine Kids
THANK YOU for riding with them in 2013

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Save the first Saturday in October (2014) for the kids !
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Not just a benefit ride, a participation ride with the Sunshine Kids.

If you have any questions, need more info or would like to help ....  CLICK HERE.

Our Thanks go out to last years Sponsors:

NEW TO OUR SITE, here's a little information about us:
If you remember magnetos, kick starts, master links and tightening bolts after a weekend of riding  ... that's how it began. It started in the 70's with a group of friends who loved to ride.  We have been riding together for a long time and have logged countless miles. Since then, we have moved on to tour bikes and longer rides (check out our photo section). We are old school bikers - riding to us is a different level of living life; a passion all it's own. Most don't understand it .. SOME NEVER WILL !

Where we are now:
Over the past years we have joined forces with other friends, riders and family members to raise money for cancer research. Our largest effort being what we love to do .... MOTORCYCLE BENEFIT RIDES !!  While there are many worthwhile charities, The Sunshine Kids organization help CHILDREN WITH CANCER live happier lives ! They hold, organize and sponsor many events, so these children (and their families) can have days to look forward to; days to be so involved with activities they can put their troubles aside for a while; make new friends and memories that can last forever.

Our Goal:
We want to share the feeling we have riding, with the kids. Have the wind in their face, the sun at their back, the thrill of riding and the roar of motorcycles around them.
Taking them with us on our bikes; and in our hearts. Additional money raised from our ride help fund other activities for the 'kids, throughout the year.

Our crew (riders, family and friends) have been dubbed 'The Sunshine Riders'. If you want to do more than donate money to a charity, RIDE WITH US on our annual ride. If you really enjoy riding .. this can take you to the next level.

During the rest of the year, we help provide transportation for other trips and events the kids can enjoy. If you would like to do more, just fill out our contact sheet. There is more info in the events photo section.

Sunshine Riders of CT
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The Sunshine Kids are children who battle cancer.  These are incredible Kids who have to deal with this reality, every day! You can join us for our annual Sunshine Kids Motorcycle ride and help put smiles on their faces; and, help other children nationwide !!
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